Acrylic Furniture

Custom acrylic furniture in the form of tables, furniture legs, stools, shelving, wine racks, closets and more.

Acrylic is a versatile material with constantly growing applications. Our goal is to help push the boundaries of modern acrylic furniture into new creative expressions. For more than 40 years, Architectural Plastics has helped designers, businesses and homeowners create custom acrylic furniture tailor fitted to their needs. Clients can provide their own designs or Architectural Plastics can create a design based on client input.

Acrylic Gallery Tables

Acrylic Gallery Tables

Architectural Plastics makes a number of clear acrylic tables that can be filled with various things from gold foil, books, corks, decorative glass rocks or virtually anything you can think of. These tables can be made to any size or type you desire.

See them in action at the newly renovated Buena Vista Winery.

Design Assistance

Design Assistance

Architects, interior designers and acrylic furniture designers have been long time partners with Architectural Plastics. We can help you with a particular project or to mass produce a product line. We are often used as a subcontractor in larger projects to help designers better understand the strengths and limitations of acrylic and other plastic materials. Value for designers is driven not just by the finished product but also by expert advice on fabrication techniques to economically achieve their goals.

Stores, designer showrooms, restaurants, hotels and other companies have relied upon Architectural Plastics to create functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture for their needs. High-traffic areas found in most businesses have different demands for furniture that should be considered when choosing materials and placement of furniture. Our designers can work with you to ensure the pieces you order will be beautiful, functional and long-lasting.

Clients looking for accent pieces or statement pieces have put our knowledge to the test year after year. Many of these clients come to us distraught because other fabricators have turned them down. Our innovative designers enjoy overcoming challenges for clients and have done so time and time again. If there is a way to create your custom acrylic piece, we will find it.


Architectural Plastics designs and fabricates finished items, parts and displays for other manufacturers, businesses and private clients. Below is a diverse collection of projects we completed by overcoming challenges that other plastic fabrication companies were unable to solve.

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