Concept Analysis: many clients come with an idea, sketch, design drawings or concept art. Working from this starting point, the Architectural Plastics sales staff and design team helps by selecting the proper materials and suggesting possible design alterations to achieve the client’s goals in both form and function.

Rapid Prototyping: several of the projects undertaken at Architectural Plastics involve creating something that has never been made before. The sales staff, design team and fabrication crew work collaboratively to quickly solve design challenges and expediently create prototypes. Once a prototype is made and approved, they will continue to find more efficient ways to create production units.

AutoCAD & SketchUp Design

AutoCAD & SketchUp Design

As the manufacturing sector gets more advanced, so do the tools it uses. The Architectural Plastics design team is proficient in both AutoCAD and SketchUp design software. Whether or not a client is familiar with these programs, the software is used to their benefit by creating precise scale drawings, concept artwork, and making quick design changes that can be reviewed.

Click the link below to learn more about the state-of-the-art CNC routers used at Architectural Plastics.


Architectural Plastics designs and fabricates finished items, parts and displays for other manufacturers, businesses and private clients. Below is a diverse collection of projects we completed by overcoming challenges that other plastic fabrication companies were unable to solve.

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